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Traditional Thai Food in Devon

Tuesday , 13, October 2020 Leave a comment

With its unique combination of flavors and vegetables, delicious Thai dishes try to harmonize five main tastes: salty, sweet, spicy, bitter, and sour.

Thai food is served more as a dish than guests serve at the table. Each meal usually consists of one dish with many side dishes served at the same time and shared by everyone. You can also look for traditional Thai dishes and get Thai food delivery.

Thai food is usually eaten with a fork and spoon. With the fork in the left hand, the food is pushed into the spoon. Traditional ceramic spoons are sometimes used for soup. Knives are not usually used on the table. Sticks are usually used to eat pasta.

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Here are some basic guidelines for ordering salads and main dishes.

Salad: Usually spicy, usually contains a charming combination of foods.

• Papaya salad is green papaya with fish sauce, lime juice, chilies, crab, green beans, and a little garlic dressing.

• Pla-Goong is grilled prawns with lemongrass, lime juice, chili, and mint.

• Yam Thai is a green salad with prawns, chicken, boiled eggs, and mashed peanuts in a sweet and sour sauce.

Main Course: Appetizer is where Thai cuisine shows its pervasive cultural history with complex combinations of curries, noodles, meat, French fries, and seafood.

Thai food is usually served in large quantities to share with the whole table.


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