The Role Played By A Cake Dummy

 During special events such as weddings, a couple may wish to pose for a photo with a huge lovely cake. It is however not possible to carry a 12-inch cake to the wedding venue, especially for garden weddings. The fear of having to eat all that cake by yourself is also awkward. For display and decoration purposes, the couple may need a cake dummy in the venue.

The dummies are blocks of polystyrene which are iced and decorated. They resemble real cakes, and it is always not easy to distinguish between the two. Many of the guests may live the place without noticing that one was a real cake, and the other was a dummy. To make it more confusing and interesting, many people place the real cakes on top of the dummy. It appears as a whole real product since only a smaller portion is always cut during the ceremony.

The dummies come in different shapes and colors. Again, this depends on the decision of the couple. Many couples select the model considering the theme of the attire. It is evident after that, the baker of the real product will now bake one that exactly resembles the dummies. In most cases, the person that makes the model is the one who bakes the actual product and makes the arrangement at the venue.

Prices depend on the size needed and also how complex it is. The shapes vary from square bottomed to circular bottomed. The factor that determines the shape is the preference of the couple. Decorations such as dummy tiers may also be added on the molds. The tiers can either be real or fake as the mold itself.

In most cases, dummies are always for onetime use. The dealers, therefore, prefer renting them out rather than selling them. Once the event is over, they are usually returned and the fee paid. The fact that one is a dummy and another is a real product is always to remain a secret between the bride and the groom. As much as the dummies and the actual product should resemble, there has to be a small differentiation. It would be very embarrassing if the couple goes to cut the dummies instead of the real cake. The dummy is not easy to cut, and the audience would notice.

As much as the molds are mostly for weddings, supermarkets also require dummies. Real cakes have expiry dates. It is uneconomical to replace the cakes meant for display in supermarkets each time they expire. Supermarket owners prefer having dummies that will serve them for a relatively long period.

During the city and town display shows, many producers always place the dummies for display and keep the real cakes in the rooms for customers. The main reason for this is the risk that comes with leaving food in the open air. Air born diseases are fatal, and no one can take chances.

The delivery of the dummies is always door to door. Orders can be placed online or manually depending on the dealer. If you ever consider saving money and time during your wedding, then the answer is yes, you need dummies.