A Professional Roof Inspection Is Important

When you purchase a new residence, it is common to have a regular home inspection to search for flaws or major problems to secure your investment. 

An inspection that many people overlook is the importance of a professional roof examination  and how it can save new homeowners money and headaches in the long run.

roof inspection

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Kinds of Issues: An expert roof inspector will search for a multitude of common problems aside from missing or lose shingles. 

He will look for the improper ventilation that could cause mold and leak inside the house, loose or missing flashing, and any type of damage to make sure that the construction that holds up the roof is sound also.

How it Works

Only a specialist roof inspector should walk on the roofing of the home you're considering purchasing. He understands what to look for and may recognize any weak spots, knowing not to walk there to avoid additional damage or possible injury to himself. 

As he inspects the roof, he'll look at every square inch, looking for water damage, rust, or missing shingles. During the process, he will also assess the age of the roof, as this plays a significant role in your purchase. 

If the roof is over 10 years old, based on the substance, it may be near the time to replace it, which might add a great deal of cash to the price of your new residence.