Basic Rules to Follow While Visiting Fiji


With over 300 tiny islands, there is nothing short of beauty and awesomeness when it comes to visiting Fiji. From sandy beaches to crystal blue waters, from palm trees to beautiful resorts, for many tourists Fiji is one of the ideal destinations when it comes to vacation. However, you must never forget that there are rules that need to be followed whenever you travel to Fiji. These are some of the rules that requires every traveler to follow and respect during their time in Fiji.

  1. It is prohibited to touch the locals while talking or taking a picture.
  2. Make sure that you stay close to the host who invited you to witness some of the best ceremonies of Fiji. You are allowed to talk to other locals however, do not wander to other places with them.
  3. Never say no when ‘Kava’ which is the national drink of Fiji is offered to you during the Yoqona ceremony. If you say no, then it is considered as rude and disrespectful. Make sure that you at least take a sip and then hand it over to the next person.
  4. Do not make any noise when the chief is talking. Only a few high-authority and guards are allowed to speak only when permitted by the chief.
  5. Check your voice while talking with the locals. Fijians are one of the nicest people in the world and you should speak with them with a soft voice.

These are some of the rules to follow while visiting Fiji private island.

Why Should You Consider Visiting Fiji?


Fiji is home to over tiny islands with a number of 300 plus. Palm trees, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, tons of water activities are some of the reasons that makes this destination a worth visiting. However, there are more reasons as to why many visit this amazing destination and should you. These are a few genuine reasons.

  1. Many Private Island Resorts – Some of the best island resorts in Fiji include Royal Davui, Turtle Island, Wakaya Club and Laucala Island. The resorts in Fiji offer a tru Fijian experience as if you were born and raised there. The number of resorts has risen due to a popular movie called ‘Cast Away’ starring Tom Hanks which was shot in Fiji where the movie won many popular awards.
  2. The People – The Fijian locals are known to be one of the nicest and friendliest people in the world. The locals in fact love talking to the tourists and invite them to their village to witness different ceremonies.
  3. Fresh Sea-Food – If you’re a big fan of sea-food, then Fiji is one of the best destinations to try out super-delicious and super-fresh sea-food. Prawns, Mahi-Mahi, Crab, Grouper, and Lobster are some of the best delicacies one should definitely try. And don’t forget to try Kokodo which is Fiji’s national food.
  4. Spas – Fiji is also home to over plenty of spas that allow you to pamper yourself. The locals are known to use a mixture of oils, sea salt, fresh fruits and sand helping your body to feel reenergized.

Don’t forget to visit the luxury islands of Fiji during your visit.