How to Choose Glasses Frames According to Ages

Glasses have become an indispensable tool for many people, good for vision correction. But how to choose the right glasses, there are a number of ways.

For children, glasses frames should be light and the nose pad should be lower. As the child's nose bones not fully developed and changed rapidly during growth, the frame is adopted should hang in a child's ear, with an elastic band attached to the backside of the child's head.

Glasses with metal frames are not suitable for children as the nose pad with metal frames tend to cause skin allergies and nasal bone press.

Young people should choose trendy pair of specs according to the shape of their face, the bridge of the nose, papillary distance, etc. as well as skin color and hair color, so as to demonstrate the deposition and their manners.

In general, young women prefer to lean and beautiful frame with bright colors, while young men would be a happy frame with a rough structure and dark color.

For parents, they should choose frames according to their needs. Presbyopia glasses for reading can be semi-lens frame, which is easy to see both farther and things closer. For convenient portability, the folding glasses frame should be a good choice.

In short, you can choose the most suitable sunglasses for yourself if you follow the advice above tight.