Best Tips to Follow While Staying in a Hostel


Previously, staying in a hostel offered not much of a pleasant experience to travelers. However, that impression has changed as today's hostels are far better even with the likes of a few fancy hotels. Moreover, most of the hostels get a 5-star rating which sounds weird, however, true. Let’s focus on some of the tips you need to follow that will help you experience a pleasant stay in a hostel.

  1. Choose your Room Carefully – One of the best things to start off with is to choose a room carefully. Many hostels offer different types of a room comprising of the various number of beds. For instance; solo travelers who wish to save more can choose a dorm room provided you don’t mind sharing with other people. While people traveling in a group should choose the dorm room as it offers more space.
  2. Do Some Homework – Another thing you need to do is to do some form of homework. For instance; a simple search on Google offers plenty of information based on reviews and ratings of a hostel. Next is to check some images of how the hostel looks from the inside. And finally, contact the hostel staff and ask whether they have internet facilities, tables, chairs, reading lights near the bed etc.
  3. The Bed – Now comes the important which is to choose the bed carefully. Hostels with double beds are usually in the form of the lower and upper bunk. If possible, try to choose the lower bunk as it gives you easier access to the bathroom and the ability to move freely.

Keep these things in mind before choosing the best hostels in Indonesia.