Bike Tours in Bhutan

The Bhutan crossing requires you to cross five major passes. The first came after leaving Thimphu, the capital. It is Dochu La, with a peak of 10,000 feet. Next was Pele La, only about 500 feet higher.

This was followed by Yutong La, a little higher, at 10 880 feet. After that, you need to negotiate Ura La 11 810 ft, and finally Thrumshing La, the highest pass in Bhutan at 12,160 feet above sea level.  If you are looking for Bhutan trip packages then you are at the right place.

Pele La is the boundary between the West and Central Bhutan, and Thrumshing La is the gateway to eastern Bhutan, which is only visited by a fraction of all the tourists who come to Bhutan.

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Pele La offers incredible descent of 5,000 vertical feet all the way to Trongsa. But the most amazing ride downhill is a 54-mile descent from the summit Thrumshing La by a surprise drop of 10,000 vertical feet.

Ladakh, on the other hand, is completely different. Located in the north of the Himalayas in the far north-western corner of India, this is a piece of India. A desert plateau, with a harsh climate in winter though summer is very pleasant.

What is so different in Ladakh is the height, with at least be approximately equal to the top Thrumshing La, Bhutan, in other words, 12,000 to low elevation here. Just to get to Ladakh leads bike along one of the most dramatic in the world.