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Some Tips & Considerations For Cave Diving

Tuesday , 29, September 2020 Comments Off on Some Tips & Considerations For Cave Diving

Cave diving is exciting and offers a unique challenge, but it is one of the most dangerous and extreme forms of diving. It is an entirely different world from recreational diving; it requires a different type of equipment and certification after years of training. You can also look for playa del carmen diving cenotes via

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Exploring the untouched underground world offers a thrilling, indescribable feeling. However, as cave diving is inherently more dangerous, taking a course in it can be very challenging. 

For instance, if a visibility difficulty occurs, the problem has to be resolved which you are still in the cave, and getting back to the entrance might take hours. 

This might sound super scary at first, but after thorough training, and if you stick to all the cave diving rules, cave diving is an awesome experience.

There are three different types of diving that are related to cave diving – spring basins, cavern dives, and my dives. 

Cave diving is when you dive into a fully enclosed cave with no light and no access to the surface. It requires specialized certifications such as tri-mix or nitrox and one or two technical cave diver level certifications. 

Several caves require proof of dives before you can be granted access. The proof of dive supply is a compulsory safety measure in advanced caves.