Precision Farming Irrigation And Fertigation Controller

In recent years, drip irrigation is being utilized and elsewhere in the world for effective irrigation. Even with it, a lot of water is wasted because of mismanagement and practically irrigated either over or under.

The use of most advanced greenhouse fertigation systems & technology decreases the waste of water and electricity. It also requires monitoring and ongoing management of it. A person is required at the farm/site to manage. In practice, it is impossible to attend to their needs in time and results in more / less.

Irrigation fertigation controller motors and automatic irrigation valves, filtration, and fertigation for farmers very cheaply. Irrigation can be controlled over time, volume, and soil moisture. Full irrigation administration is done by the mobile application.

IoT components of the controller manage many sensors such as water flow, the water pressure, the level of water, rain, soil moisture, different compatible wireless devices that control valves, motor, etc. It also records all irrigation and fertigation data on data analysis, cloud servers,  and feedback to farmer's share of the mobile/tab.

Once configured, the controller automatically verifies the quality of electricity, water availability and irrigation manages fertigation and filter cleaning. There is no manual intervention until one of the changes to the above requirements. If a system malfunction, the controller stops the system and warns the farmer. All data stored on the cloud server, the data is analyzed and sends information to the user action.