How To Conduct HIIT Training

The best method for removing body fat and getting a good shape is the High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT Training. This HIIT training is amazing because it doesn’t take a lot of time and produces amazing results.

It's also beneficial because it doesn't get rid of the muscle tissue like that in traditional cardio aerobics. Additionally, it provides a nice additional bonus for metabolism that lasts for hours after exercise is finished.

HIIT training works well because you can spend a lot of time exercising with high intensity, which boost the metabolism. You can also explore more about the HIIT training program at

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After spending a good amount of time with high intensity, you enter a period of active rest with low intensity. This allows the heart rate to drop and the muscles to recover so that you are ready for another blast with high intensity.

A simple example of HIIT training done on a static bicycle:

1) Warm up for five minutes at levels one to five, succeeding every minute.

2) Perform a 30-second work interval at level 12, or whatsoever the highest level you can maintain for almost a full 30 seconds.

3) Take a minute of active rest at level three to allow you to recover.

4) Repeat the work interval and rest five times.

5) Chill for 10 minutes at level five to one, going down every two minutes.

There are many ways to do HIIT training. You can use a treadmill or row machine, sprint and jog, run or walk up stairs, etc.