How Stand Up Pouches Can Open The Door To Higher Profits

Retailers will tell you that today's consumers are most definitely savvy shoppers. Consumer product manufacturers are under more pressure to make their products more attractive to buyers because they lose their business to one of the many competitors in the market.

As a result, many companies rely on packaging innovation to make their goods more attractive. One type of such packaging that is having a considerable impact on the retail industry is standup pouch. Continue reading to find out more on stand up pouches and how they have proved to be an open door for business success.

 Stand bags are usually made of high-quality plastic, aluminium, or a mixture of two laminated together. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes and totally adapted to your needs. Consumers particularly like standup pouch packaging because they can be resealed after they opened, either through squeezing zipper, zipper sliders, or even drain.

Zip seal on the stand bag is so popular with end-users that they have become an expectation, rather than a nice-to-have feature. They love not only additional security in order to protect the product from exposure after the package has been opened, but they also like the convenience of not having to put the package contents into another container after opening.

Manufacturers of foodstuffs that put their products in standup zipper bag also have the added benefit of improving marketing opportunities. In the past, the consumer would open a package; use what they need, and then transfer the remaining product into, the different sealable containers to protect food from spoilage or from growing stale.

When this occurred, the manufacturer lost any additional opportunity they may have had to brand their product since their package was typically discarded. With these zip-sealed stand-up pouches, the consumer continues to use the product packaging, which means they will be constantly exposed to your brand image and message.