Choosing The Right Tent For Your Family

Even though there is snow on the ground this time of year, this is the perfect time to start planning your summer camping trips. Of course, you will need accommodations, and many families are choosing tent camping because it really feels like you are out of the house and enjoying the great outdoors.

When you go out to buy tents, they have the recommended amount of people the tent can fit. The two most common sizes for family camping trips are 4 person and 6 person tents. You can also look for the best and good quality surplus canvas online for the best camping.

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Say you're a family of four. You would want to get the 4 person tent, right? What people have found out is that tent companies do not take into consideration the size of the people who will be sleeping in a tent or their luggage. A good rule of thumb is to subtract the number on the box by two, and you have the correct number of people it will comfortably fit.

So, for a family of four, a 6 man tent is recommended. Of course, a family of five is still able to sleep fairly comfortably in a six-person tent, but if you have some big people in your family, it could get cramped. The two most common types of camping tents are canvas and dome tents. Canvas tents use a cloth-like canvas to protect you.

In conclusion, when you are purchasing a tent for your family, take into consideration the size and type.