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Building Architectural Wooden frames in Modern Style

Thursday , 10, September 2020 Comments Off on Building Architectural Wooden frames in Modern Style

A Modern builder who wants to build a house frame with the help of a piece of wood can do this in two ways. The biggest save in money, but most of the work is building the frame on-site as professional builders do. This approach requires considerable skill in cutting and assembling large quantities of wood. 

Many “contemporary architects” (which is also known as "samtidige arkitekter” in the Norwegian language) find this approach too difficult and have instead purchased a series of houses in which the wall and roof frames are shipped in prefabricated sections. This option works much less but is more expensive. 

Several wooden frame manufacturers offer other options. They provide an unassembled frame kit that the manufacturer assembles on-site. All individual wall trusses, roof trusses, and possibly wooden floors are shipped lengthwise with pre-drilled holes. No measuring or cutting is done and the maker only needs to screw the parts together. 

Each section is marked with a code indicating which part of the house it is and where exactly it is located. For each section, there is a plan that the client must follow. This option is much faster and requires less skill than building a wooden frame. 

Although it costs more than to build a wooden frame on-site, it is much cheaper than buying a home appliance with ready-made walls and frames. With the wooden house frame assembled and roof attached, all ordinary wood panels can be added outside and inside.