About us

ONAR FILMS is a small independent DVD label based in a small European country, specializing in old obscure Turkish movies.

Onar first appeared in 2006 with KILINK ISTANBUL’DA (which is out of stock by the way). Since then, all kinds of Turkish Superheroes found their new home on subtitled DVD’s.

But a Turkish cult film is not just a Superhero film. It can also be a “spaghetti western” or a vigilante Death Wish ripoff, or a 007 ripoff, or a giallo muslimized version and what not.

Onar Films can boast about the most limited editions on earth, with 500 hand- numbered copies per DVD. I wonder if I should claim some Guiness prizeā€¦

Something that must be mentioned is that the proper preservation of old prints was NOT the first priority in Turkey. As a result, most of the times, I have to make do with painfully worn prints. In rare occassions, I come across some decent looking prints which are nevertheless far from what one could call “pristine”.

Either way, I always apply the best possible remastering and the dvd result is definitely better than the original prints.

However, print quality is not something I worry about. My ONLY concern is to unearth RARE, LOST prints of entertaining, weird, pulp, never-seen-before, unheard-of titles. That was and still is my “ONAR” (dream, in ancient greek).